The stables and the '800 beam

Agricola Traina Struttura Il Baglio

At the top of the company is the 'old beam dating back to the end' 800 surrounded by various stalls and rooms once used to the hospitality of the shepherds and herds.
Today much of the structure has been adapted to the housing of horses; the rooms will be also used as a short new additional places of hospitality.
Around the structures insist paddock for horses, old pigsties, the garden and the garden. Particularly striking is the pyramid-shaped mountain that overlooks the Company, and which is home to a large part of the ancient uliveto.Le stables and the beam 800


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The Casale

Agricola Traina Struttura Il Casale

We welcome our guests according to the ancient canons of rural hospitality, in an old farmhouse with an availability of rail No. 9 beds divided into two double bedrooms (one triple if necessary), two double rooms with bunk beds and three bathrooms of common use.
Inside the house there is a sitting area with sofa, coffee table and a fireplace, ideal for moments of relaxation, reading or conversation.
Our kitchen is a place of convivial meals around large tables, with typical food, genuine and drink locally produced.
Around the house there is a large outdoor area with garden and an additional kitchen and ceramic table more suited to the beautiful sunny days.


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