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The Reserve of the Sosio Valley is the heart of the newly established Park of the Sicani Mountains, which takes its name from the first peoples that inhabited the western part of central Sicily.

One of the main characteristics, revealing a genuine natural wealth, is the almost total absence of human activity in much of the territory, which makes it the ideal place to search for peace and harmony through contact with uncontaminated nature.

The Sosio Valley is very rich in natural springs, which makes both the indigenous flora and the pastures for livestock flourish. In fact, Sicani meats and above all the traditional cheeses of the area, promoted by the regional project “The Way of the Cheeses”, are very tasty and of good quality.

The geology of the valley is of particular importance as it contains Monolithic features (the Solomon Rock and the Rock of the Saracens) which are believed to be some of the first outcrops in the world. Fossils dating back to the Permian age (about 300,000,000 years ago) have been found here. They are now in the Gemmellaro Museum in Palermo.

Because of the strategic position of the area there are still traces of ancient rural civilizations today. Some of them are very important, like the archaeological site of Hippana, the old trading paths, the bridleways with the “Marcati”, the charcoal pits or the barns that are today protected in a sublime way by the work of the Demaniali Forest Company, which manages the parks, reserves and European Areas of Special Natural Interest of the Region of Sicily.


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