Traina Farm is situated 5 km from Palazzo Adriano in the Sosio Valley in the heart of the Sicani Mountains Nature Reserve, and it is strategically placed as a crossroads between splendid nature trails that connect different parts of the area.
It was set up at the beginning of the 1900s, predominantly rearing livestock alongside grain and olive production.

We have been rearing horses of the Franches Montagnes breed for almost thirty years with great energy and passion. Thanks to their docile temperament and robust constitution they have become ideal companions for our school and equestrian tourism activities, and they have adapted to the climate of inland Sicilian extraordinarily well.

The aim of our initiatives is to promote the area and its traditions through rural sustainable tourism, culture, art, training and various activities aimed at children, teenagers, adults and families in general, promoting wellbeing and a return to the concept of a “healthy life”. We are able to do this thanks to our united and motivated staff.      



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