'Mille' route

itineranti rotta-dei-mille


mappa-mille en7 DAYS / 6 NIGHTS

This four day route traces the paths that were traversed by Garibaldi and his ‘Thousand’ across the Sicilian hinterland during the historic expedition;
In fact, moving from Calatafimi to Palermo,they entered the neighboring areas of Ficuzza and Piana degli Albanesi and then split into two groups with the intention
to surround the city of Palermo.

The route connects theTraina Farm&Winery, in the heart of the Sicani Mounts, to the capital of Sicily, and crosses sections of Sicily that was the site of Historical events
and personalities who made the history of the island:
The Bourbon Royal Residence in Ficuzza in the Plain
of the Albanians (which homes two cultures,
Sicilian and Albanian), and the lands where Giuliano
ruled with his band.

With the constant presence and support of our guides and an attentive and prepared staff, we will take you
in accordance with the standards of welcoming and sharing that distinguish our island.
An adventurous journey, rich in historic and cultural charm, which ends in Palermo to wander in all the places that headquartered the clashes, the hopes and finally
the triumph of the ‘Thousand’.





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