Summer camps

 Experiencing a holiday among horses, nature and fun is possible!

For years we have been organizing Summer Camps, an experience open to children and teenagers to spend a summer in full contact with horses and ponies!! Trekking and practical and theoretical activities where working with horses and learning about them constitute the fulcrum of the holiday.



Nature fields




Horses, theatre, capoeira, environmental education, visual art, swimming in the river, are among the key activities of this experience.
Organised in the Sicani Mountains at the Traina agricultural company in collaboration with the A. C. Circus of the future, in an evocative context full of themes connected to the agricultural traditions and culture of an area far from the chaos and rhythms of the city.

The experience of our nature camps offers the opportunity to learn, grow and connect with the natural environment and the animals of our farm through engaging educational and recreational programs, encouraging personal and relational growth.

Nature Camps include educational activities focused on ecology, biodiversity and human impact on the environment, along with activities that aim to develop creativity and play through art, sport, dance and theater .
The children will discover the world of the horse in a controlled and safe way, learning to respect, know and care for these wonderful and ancient animals.
An unforgettable summer full of fun, personal growth and authentic contact with nature.


Duration: 6 days, 5 nights
Included: Activities, room and board, transport to and from Palermo
Cost: €450.00

Nature Camps (7-10) years
28 June - 3 July
Nature Camps (11 - 13 years)
6-11 July
Nature Camps (13 - 16 years)
July 13-18







Horse riding camps





The Equestrian Camps are residential experiences entirely dedicated to the world of horses and nature.
A holiday that offers children both a recreational and educational experience, strengthening both theoretical equestrian skills and practices but above all values such as respect and awareness of the natural world, self-confidence and the beauty of group sharing.

Within the setting of the Sicanian Mountains, guests of the Azienda Agricola Traina which has been breeding horses and ponies for decades, each participant will be able to develop greater experience in contact with the horses of the farm both in their daily management and through fun and exciting excursions in the countryside. The Riding Camps are structured based on the experience already acquired by your children who are followed by professional instructors and guides.
There will be no shortage of moments of fun and relaxation together, such as swimming by the river, preparing pizza and watching a film club under the stars!!!

An opportunity for personal growth that combines passion for horses and discipline with the possibility of meeting new friends and fully experiencing the beauty of Sicilian nature!





Advanced horse riding
June 14-18

Basic horse riding
June 21-25







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