Acrobatics and vaulting on horseback

contenuti volteggio

Vaulting is a discipline that originated in the circus and has developed into a sport recognised by the FISE (Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports). It is a complete sport, which combines artistic gymnastics with horse riding. It involves mounting a horse bareback and performing a routine in time to music while the horse trots or gallops.
The method that we use combines creativity with the training of the horse, and is suitable for children and adults.

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Dance and Movement Workshops

contenuti danza

An awareness of movement, the language that our bodies express through movement, and personal energy and expression are factors that are celebrated and appreciated with targeted exercises, in the context of the elements of nature and the surrounding landscape, bringing wellbeing, balance and harmony to all. Our seminars are open to everyone, children and adults, experts or beginners, and they are not tied to a specific discipline, but based on physical freedom of expression through contact with the context in which we find ourselves and which surrounds us, and the inspiration that it gives us.
The important contribution of nature becomes an unbreakable bond between us and the environment, in a journey that is personal and intimate for everyone.

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Visual Arts Workshops

Real artistic experiences conceived and experienced in close contact with nature, to search for and embrace the sense of belonging, peace and balance that nature offers us.
In this context there will be opportunities to study various art forms like sculpture, land-art and drawing, and there will be workshops on perception and composition.

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Feldenkrais Yoga Trek

contenuti Yoga Feldenkrais

An experience open to everyone: “the union between discovering nature, the spirit of perception and vision through yoga, as well as the ability to feel yourself with the Feldenkreis method…these are just some of the aspects of the multitude of emotions and variations that such a unique experience can offer”.

Expert naturalists, guides and instructors of the two disciplines are essential parts of one or more days of wellbeing, healthy food and a passion to be discovered or consolidated!!

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Theatre and Circus

contenuti giocoleria

The circus arts, like juggling, equestrian theatre, the theatre of the clown and the trapeze, are an important part of our workshops; with a combination of carefree creativity and group work, the students develop the ability to play while training their minds and bodies in a critical way by following a method.
The natural context in which the workshops take place obviously assumes a dimension that helps participants listen better to themselves and others.
The workshop activities, which are conducted indirectly on the cognitive, psychomotor and linguistic planes, stimulate the expressive capabilities of each participant (children, teenagers and adults) by working on the body, the voice and the ability to improvise.

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Reali esperienze artistiche, nelle quali  fare e progettare con la natura con senso utile e pratico, esaltano e ricreano  il senso di appartenenza, pace ed equilibrio che la natura ci restituisce collaborando con noi.

Nel contesto saranno presenti possibili esperienze didattiche riguardanti varie forme artistiche quali la scultura, la land-art, il disegno, laboratori didattici sulla percezione e la composizione

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