My Vegetable Garden

The Sosio Valley has a particularly abundant supply of water with several natural underground springs. This characteristic is very helpful for the cultivation of healthy natural produce.

In fact, our vegetable garden is cultivated and cared for without the use of any harmful products.
If you book in advance you can purchase our natural produce for every season :

-    Tunisian Aubergines (July – October)
-    Different varieties of lettuce (July – December)
-    Wild vegetables, giri – little cabbages – borage..(October – February)
-    Green Tomatoes (July – November)
-    Tomatoes for sauce (June – September)
-    French beans (July – September)
-    Cabbage (July – November)
-    Oregano (January – December)
-    Rosemary (January – December)
-    Green Peppers (June – November)
-    Cherry tomatoes (June – November)
-    Red pumpkin (September – November)
-    Small courgettes (July – October)
-    Large courgettes for frying (July – October)
-    Long courgettes (July – October)
-    Cucumbers (July – September)
-    Chilli peppers, also in jars (July – December)
-    Green beans (April – May)
-    Artichokes (April – June)


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Our olives and our olive oil

The cultivation of olives and the production of extra virgin olive oil has been one of the main activities of the Traina Farm for more than a century.

The role of olive oil and the substances it contains in protecting against heart disease and cancer, and the rituals from the past that still continue in the unchanged traditions of the country people in some remote areas, are two of the reasons that have lead us to suggest that our visitors participate actively in the harvesting of the olives and the various phases that make up the production of oil.

Visiting the oil press, watching the pressing and being able to taste the oil and get to know its characteristics and flavours under the guidance of professionals is an experience that involves everyone from the youngest children to adults, as we have more than 1,000 olive trees.


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